Trust, Anxiety, Choice, and Peace

Trust is a mental discipline and it results in peace. It’s difficult to ditch anxiety when I am forced to work with people I do not trust. A lack of trust complicates everything because you can’t give people the benefit of the doubt. More negative scenarios seem to be likely than positive results and that can leave us on a constant edge. It honestly doesn’t have to be this way. Trust is always a choice. We can choose to trust and therefore choose a more peaceful existence on a team.


  1. Well written. Love the way that you approach trust as a “mental discipline.” Useful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This one is difficult for me. I have a hard time giving trust to someone who has proven to be not trustworthy. Frankly, I have a difficult time giving trust at all until someone has proven they have earned it. Pretty cynical huh?

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