Monthly Archives: August 2016

Contagious Confidence

Teammates that exude confidence attract others because that confidence can spread and inspire confidence in others. There is much more to confidence than our appearance but our choices in our appearances are often how we start our day. Just like breakfast being important because it’s the first meal of the day, the choice of the message we

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Confidence is the Key

The key ingredient to being attractive is confidence. Some people may be born with gifted genetics that make attractiveness easier, but anyone can be confident and therefore anyone can be attractive. Attractive is more than looking good. Attractive is inclusive and people choose to be around attractive people. There is something about them that makes us want

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The Attractiveness Choice

Everyday everyone wakes up and is faced with a choice to be attractive or not. How much grooming are we going to do? What message do we want to send about our appearance today? Sharp, casual, lazy, or awesome? We walk the line of acceptable for the sake of comfort and expect people to never judge our

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Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

There is something psychological about looking good. A crisp uniform or suit seems to build our confidence. That confidence will positively affect our performance. It might take a little extra effort, but put on something nice today because it could help make the small difference the team has been looking for.

The Logic of Respect

It’s not logical for anyone to demand respect in a disrespectful way. It’s sad to watch those so desperate for respect never get it because they can’t give it. Respect comes our way when we give it away. Too often we see our culture demand respect in response to disrespect. Great teams never fall for this cultural

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The Sequence of Respect

I have watched teammates and team leaders work hard to earn the the respect of their teams. Some succeed and others consistently do not. Those that succeed seem to understand that respect is received only after it is consistently given. The choice to be respectful should never be conditional on the respect received. Teammates that give respect

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The People Perspective

How we see our teammates says a lot about our perspective. Do I see people as works in progress or as a means to an end? Great teams are committed to the idea that people can change. Past mistakes do not define a teammate if they learn from them. Everyone is on a journey to a better

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Moving Forward with Hope

Frustration looks at the present through the filter of past disappointment. Discontent looks at the present through the filter of hope for the future. We can spot a frustrated person easily because they complain in a way that doesn’t believe that a situation or person can change. Things are bad and there is no hope for a

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Discontent or Frustration

Great teams understand the fine line between discontent and frustration. Discontent drives us to do the work required to make necessary change happen. Status quo has a strong gravity field. It takes a lot of thrust to break free. Discontent is that thrust. Frustration has no thrust because it wastes energy by placing blame on circumstances and

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Vision is for Future

The vision of a team must frame up a picture of the future. It’s a goal or target that is still a distance away. Great teams understand that distance. They can see the target and do not make the mistake of acting as if the target has already been achieved just because it is in the line

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