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Mixing Business with Pleasure

Dan Pierce/ July 21, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Work can seem like fun sometimes because there is nothing more fun than joining forces on something with people you enjoy, but hanging out shouldn’t always be work. The better a team is at understanding the time and place for work and the time for investing in each other, the more successful they will be at both.

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Be a person…and be a team.

Dan Pierce/ July 20, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 1 comments

Being a team of individuals requires some understating of how to relate to each other in different scenarios. Teammates should operate in their roles when functioning as a team with a task. When they are off the field or out of the office, they should be able to remove themselves from their position on the team and

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What kind of teammate am I?

Dan Pierce/ July 19, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

That question is easily answered by my initial response to adversity. Do I look for someone or something to blame? Do I make sure to craft a narrative that points to the impossible situation the team has found itself in? If I do, then I am spending valuable energy resources on preserving my reputation instead of solving

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Solve or Blame

Dan Pierce/ July 18, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Finding blame is not the same as finding a solution. When we embark on a quest to find the object to blame, we rarely look at ourselves. The solution to many circumstances can usually be found in many places. Blame tends to oversimplify the causes to an unpleasant circumstance in a single location. That location is almost

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Coaching the Eyes

Dan Pierce/ July 17, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

As a football coach I always coached the eyes first. Players needed to see before they did anything. This trains the application of the skill. It’s important for a linebacker to know when and where to step before he knows how to take a step. This knowledge cuts down on the total number of steps a player

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Attitude Development

Dan Pierce/ July 16, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

How we feel is directly linked to how we think. A big part of a teammate’s development is their ability to have the correct attitude. It doesn’t matter if someone is talented or skilled if they cannot apply that talent and skill in an appropriate way in concert with the rest of the team. Teams have a

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Skill Development

Dan Pierce/ July 15, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Training should always be an intentional task and not something to just get out of the way because we are impatient to get started. Teams that neglect training will hang their teammates out to dry by requiring them to “figure it out” as they go. This is occasionally referred to as “baptizing someone by fire.” It’s a

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Training versus Development

Dan Pierce/ July 14, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

There is a difference between training and development. It is found in perspective. Training is the short game and development is the long game. Teams should invest in both. Experience allows us to develop over time as we learn new ways to apply the skills we received training for. Teams that neglect development through varied experience limit

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Organic is always more expensive… 

Dan Pierce/ July 13, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

I avoid the organic aisle in the store because I don’t like paying more for items that spoil faster. I know it’s a risk because according to the growing evidence on my social media feed, technology always has a negative effect on our health, but I’m not buying it (both literally and figuratively). I really don’t have

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Growth is part of the deal.

Dan Pierce/ July 12, 2016/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Teams are responsible for the training and development of the individuals that join the team. Further development should be one of the benefits of joining a group of likeminded individuals. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow when working with others. A lone wolf doesn’t have the benefit of the shared experience, healthy internal competition,

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