Work Ethic: Patience

What happens when we do something for the first time? We make mistakes. We make a cut too soon or perhaps we didn’t read the instructions well and have extra pieces at the end of a project. What is the right thing to do when this happens? Start over. Wait! What?! That’s wasteful isn’t it? Not if you planned for it and count it as learning to deliver the ideal end product. A great work ethic doesn’t settle for the first draft. If I have a great work ethic, I plan to develop an idea. I allow time and resources to get it right. I plan for mistakes so that I don’t have to settle on less than what I promised because I ran out of money and time.


  1. Dan, thanks for sending these posts. The timing and appropriateness could not be more perfect as I am in the middle of beginning a new project. I really enjoy aallof your posts but especially this one. Dick.

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  2. Dan,this is so timely. I am in the planning stages of a new project and the timing of this emailcould not be more perfect or aapplicable. Thanks for sending these and especially this one. Dick

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