Experienced Objectivity

The layman who hasn’t had the experience to know what to look for will ultimately make subjective evaluations on what is a good play when watching a football game. If they don’t have football experience beyond spectating, they might see a good play but not know why it is a good play. They might see a one yard gain and complain that the coach isn’t a good play caller and not realize that the play call is setting up the game plan later in the game. The same fan that booed the one yard run will later cheer for the touchdown on the play action pass that the one yard run set up. His complaining early in the game is uninformed and the coaches would never listen to his complaints because he is only operating on the limited experience and information available to him. Let’s not be too quick to dismiss the objective expertise of our experienced teammates. That expertise brings something to the team that the inexperienced never could.

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