Generous Budget

Team goals take teamwork and one of the great advantages of being on a great team is the sharing of resources. Great teams manage their resources in a way that meets the needs of today without sacrificing the needs of the future. When great teammates see their piece of the budget as a part of the whole, they will likely manage it better than if they see it as theirs to spend. Our hearts are never more revealed than in how we handle our resources.  There is a nuanced difference in how a team uses the budget. Do they use it for the good of the team or for the good of their assigned area of the team? The tell is in how they refer to the budget…is it “my budget” or “our budget”? We are empowered to be great teammates when we receive our part of the budget and not when we receive our budget for our area. There is a difference in mindset and it is nuanced, but it makes a huge difference in attitude and generosity at crucial moments.

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