Fear, Love, and White Lies

People have the ability to hurt us and we let them to the degree that love is shared. Love and fear do not coexist. Fearful relationships are not loving ones. A good example of this is the little white lie. People tell them to preserve people’s feelings. This is not love but a selfish act to preserve a relationship that is feared to not be able to withstand a little bit of truth. The motivation of a white lie may feel like caring, but caring doesn’t really come into it as much as a fear that our relationship is not worth the truthful interaction. Do we love our team enough to be fearless in our interactions with them? Does my team love me enough to do the same? Does my team love me enough to allow me to be fearless? Truth told in a kind way is miles away from telling a white lie to preserve feelings even though we tell ourselves that they are almost the same.

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