Knowing and Nerve

I believe that ignorance is not what separates the great teams from the ordinary ones. Knowing what needs to be done is the easy part. We have a wealth of knowledge in the form of infinite facts and opinions about how any situation should be handled. We can Google almost anything and get hours of content on how to do something in seconds. Our team’s collective experience is also at our disposal. There are very few novel situations that a team can face and we are connected with people who have tried nearly every angle to every situation in every field. If everyone has access to the same worldwide bank of information, then what separates the great teams from the ordinary one? Nerve. Knowing what to do isn’t going to help any team unless they have the nerve to do it. Committing to the cost of any action is one of the factors that separates great teams from the ordinary ones. There is truth to the saying, “No guts; no glory.” Nothing worth doing is risk free.

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