The Maturity Test

I had lunch with a friend recently and he had the best definition of maturity when describing how he counsels people. Maturity is the ability to empathize with someone else. Mature people have the ability to resist the urge to project their own experience and thoughts onto others. They can step outside themselves and see things from another perspective whether they agree or not. Disagreements are tests of maturity for every team. The responses will demonstrate the maturity level of each person. Closed-minded positions are typically immature. Those who are unwilling to consider another point of view are outing themselves as immature. Team unity is dependent on a high level of maturity throughout the team. This should be considered when evaluating potential recruits or weighing responses during disagreements.  Dissension on a team is almost always attributable to immaturity. This reflects the team leadership that either recruited immaturity or abides it without addressing it as it arises.

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