Our team traditions are important. The little rituals that help people choose to belong to a team can be fun and unifying. I have found that great teams treat their traditions differently than other teams. Teams that are effective hold on to traditions that make them more effective. These are traditions that unify the team but don’t distract from the purpose. Ordinary teams can focus too much on their traditions because they are good at them. The team may not win a championship every year but at least it has some great traditions for the team to participate in. This team is focused more on being a fraternity than a champion. People don’t join this team to win because that’s not the goal. The goal is a great experience on the team. Championship teams have traditions, but they tend to focus on their successful past and future. People join these teams because they know how to win and they want to be a part of it.  Programs and organizations always have a choice as to what the purpose is. It is important to remember that championship-first teams can have a fraternity feel, but most fraternity-first teams don’t become champions. We always get what we emphasize.

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