Blow It All Up

The teammates that have worked closest with me know that I have a habit of blowing everything up every six months or so. I don’t change for change sake, but I notice that my job tends to grow and change in six month cycles so my methods and systems become obsolete very quickly. The constant necessity of change has taught me to not become too nostalgic with how I do anything. I heartlessly blow up what worked yesterday so that I can figure out what will be more effective today in order for tomorrow to be better. Sometimes my teammates may say in response to a change, “But you said…?” To which I respond, “I know what I said, but things are different now.” The tension of proactive change is much more preferable to the stress of reactive change. When I blow things up I can control the explosion. When something blows up because I didn’t make an adjustment, there is always more clean up and casualties.

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