Overstaying My Welcome

Great teams do not last forever. Teams grow and develop. That growth and development requires growth in the roles and characters on the team. I can think of at least a few times where I left a team because I realized that I had overstayed my welcome. The team had outgrown what I could offer. It’s a hard moment to look around at the team you’re on and realize that you are not what the team needs to move forward. The hardest thing about being on a team that becomes close is leaving it when it’s the right time. To stay would be selfish because the team needs a different person using the resources and bandwidth to accomplish what I cannot. To leave is bittersweet because it means saying goodbye to people you’re used to fighting the good fight with day in and day out. Staying will inevitably strain the very relationships that I am not wanting to leave. Leaving means I will miss them, and even though it is still the better option, it is the most difficult thing to do when a team dynamic works. That said, it’s best to leave when most people on the team would be sad to see you go. It’s sad to stay too long and have people be relieved at your exit. I’ve done both.

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