The Fork in the Road

Every team encounters moments when a change in direction is needed. These moments are forks in the road. What happens when the team needs to go one direction and everything in me says I should go the other direction? I have had this dilemma and it’s not an easy one. I loved my team. I wasn’t looking to leave it. The team needed change and I never thought the change meant moving forward without me. The team wasn’t wrong. I soon came to realize that I was wrong for the team. Once this realization sunk in, I couldn’t leave the team I loved fast enough because I truly cared for it. I took a different fork in the road and found a team that was a better fit. My best chance to be a great teammate was to find a better fit. Too often people would rather be a terrible teammate in a situation they don’t want to leave rather than leave and be a great teammate. It’s far easier to blame the change in direction than to realize the change is needed and I am not.

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