It’s hard to communicate when I am drowning.

Great teams seem to find themselves in cycles that make them great. They communicate well and that allows the team to make the adjustments in real-time that keep the grind of the workload manageable. Ordinary teams may find themselves in a cycle that perpetuates less than great outcomes. Teams that fail to properly communicate needs will likely find themselves overworking and fighting to keep their head above water due to their team’s limited ability to help each other. Poor communication means that problems surface later than they should and become far more inconvenient than they would have been if discovered early in the game. As the non-communicative team becomes more and more overwhelmed, the poor communication cycle continues because they no longer have time to properly communicate and they settle for keeping their head above water. They may even think of proper communication as just one more thing to do. It’s hard to communicate when you are drowning, but communicating prevents the drowning state.

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