“The greater source of ruin…”

One of my favorite team quotes comes from a video game called Borderlands 2. “Ignorance and inconsideration are greater sources of ruin but they are slow and lack in spectacle.” This quote has so much truth to it when applied to a team for three reasons: 1) Great teammates understand that it is part of their role on a team to be informed. I am a better teammate when I can make informed decisions because I am responsible for the information that was given to me.  Great teammates refuse to play the victim card of, “I didn’t know…”, because they understand that it is their job to know the information that is important to the team. 2) Inconsideration is also a source of ruin because it works against the team concept. Inconsideration is simply the lack of thoughtfulness towards others. Team dynamics are ruined when teammates don’t have each other’s back. 3) Ignorance and inconsideration are slow and therefore often go unnoticed as the cause for problems. Other proxy causes are blamed for a failure when all the team needs to do is communicate and have each other’s back.

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