I have a least favorite word: “Kinda.” I kinda don’t like when people preface an important statement with kinda. See how that works? It sounds so mitigating. It communicates insecurity in a point of communication that really matters. Are we “kinda” doing something or are we actually doing it? Did I “kinda” do something to offend you or did I say something that I need to apologize for? Should I “kinda” apologize? Teams need communication but in order to do the hard tasks that matter they need confident communication. I have never heard an effective pep talk given by a coach that uses the word “kinda.” Imagine Vince Lombardi telling the Greenbay Packers, “We’re kinda trying to get a seal here and a seal here and then we are kinda going to run it in the alley!”. Effective teams don’t “kinda” do anything because they don’t apologize for what they have to do to accomplish the team’s goals.

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  1. This post was kinda good. I kinda liked it.

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