Ambition versus Conviction

What drives us? Motivation is a key dynamic for a team. Are we motivated by our ambition or our conviction? It’s an “either or” situation. Ambition focuses more on the desired result. Our team wants to win the Super Bowl or simply be known as the best. This type of motivator can drive a team to do whatever it takes to make their ambition reality. Conviction motivates in a different way. Conviction focuses on doing the right thing, the right way, every time. The results desired by ambition are the byproduct of conviction. Teams that focus on hard effort and lack of compromise will be in a position to succeed much more consistently than those that dream about winning and being famous for something. Ambition can never outlast conviction as a motivator because, in its best case scenario, it has nothing else to live for. Once a team has arrived, what use is its ambition? The team that is motivated by conviction always has tomorrow because they were committed to the process and not the result.

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