When to Procrastinate

When there is a lack of information, it is best to procrastinate until the last possible moment before deciding how to act. Most people would call that wise unless they are impatient. Great teammates refuse to make up their mind too quickly. Keeping an open mind requires procrastination. Therefore the virtue of an open mind is only possible through what many would call a lazy or indecisive procrastination. This makes waiting and keeping and open mind for all the facts even more difficult as we are pressured by the more impatient teammates to act. Accuracy requires a time component so we should only procrastinate as long as it takes to find the truth. Once we have the truth, it is our responsibility to act quickly. The right decision made too slowly misses the window of opportunity and therefore is not the accurate decision we waited for.

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  1. Wow! So where I am right now. Today’s blog is very confirming of my current experiences taking over a new team. Thanks DP!

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