Everything in life becomes stale over time. A good example is how wine sours if it’s not poured into another vessel as it ages. When wine sits in a barrel, the solid particles or dregs settle on the bottom. If the wine is left for too long, on its dregs it will sour over time. In this case, doing nothing or doing what has always been done will actually change the desired flavor in a negative way. The wine maker must “upset” the wine as it develops by pouring it into a new vessel while leaving the dregs behind. This preserves the desired result as the wine develops. It takes the best of the past while leaving the negative behind. Teams that default to doing nothing new or avoid upsetting the status quo will eventually sour their flavor overtime. The fear of losing the good old days will affect the flavor of the team in the future. Teams tend to forget that no matter how good the good old days were, there were dregs that needed to be left behind in order for the team to move forward.

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