America has a funny way of using the word love. I can use the same word to describe my favorite food and how I feel about my children. It’s the same word with two very different meanings. We can love our teammates as well. By which definition? A great teammate loves their teammates in a way that puts their teammate’s needs above their own. Allowing a teammate to slide because we have an affection for them is the wrong kind of “love” on a team. It’s actually quite selfish to allow someone to continue in a way that hurts the team just because we like them. To foster the affection of one will spawn a resentment in others because it’s obvious to the team. The team sees the double standard and either has to pick up the slack or deal with unnecessary dysfunction. I love my teammates when I say and do what is right every time regardless of the inconvenience or possibility of conflict. I communicate love to my teammates when I demonstrate that they are worth the conflict.

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