Optics vs Truth

Perception has no effect on an actual truth. It might affect the ability for others to believe or consider it truth, but perception cannot in any
way veto truth. The famous quote illogically states that “perception is reality,” but that is silly. Just because I can’t see something, it doesn’t annihilate it from existence. Perception builds narratives for people’s beliefs, not the actual fabric of reality itself. Truth is not democratic. When the team makes a decision for the right reason, the truth is reality regardless of the perception of others. Too often the right thing is avoided because the optics won’t look right. Time and truth go hand in hand. Optics should shift the more truth is revealed over time. Teams are too often fearful that the opposite is true. Optics are overcome by the courage to do the right thing every time.

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  1. Great observation. This is an issue (perceptions trying to overbear truth) that I deal with a lot. Thank you for the encouragement.

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