The Vulnerable “I”…

There is a common misconception about narcissism. Use of the pronoun “I” is often looked down upon as a sign of someone who is self-absorbed. It is true that in extreme circumstances a narcissist will only talk about themselves. However, a teammate using the word “I” more often may just be becoming more comfortable with the team. The word “I” is actually a very vulnerable word. When I speak about me to someone else, I am likely sharing my heart. I may be relating to them in a way that can show a common interest, experience, or attitude. I may simply be putting myself out there in an effort to be better known. This is a great step in a team dynamic where the team begins to relate more freely to one another. The irony is that judging someone as a narcissist for speaking about themselves may have more to say about the person who has limited interest in others speaking about themselves.

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  1. So refreshing to read this vulnerability viewpoint. Thank you. ‘I’ can denote lots of good things, can’t it? Taking responsibility, for example. Do you think this might be mixed up with our misunderstanding about ‘ego’. My take on that here –

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