Unity Protected

Self-interest needs to diminish anytime a person joins a team. Unity is only protected when the team agenda is the only agenda. Unity requires a sacrifice of personal interest. The benefit of teamwork is that everyone’s interests are covered if everyone is watching out for others. This is true in any team situation. A husband cares for his wife while his wife thinks of his interests. A quarterback stays in the pocket so that the offensive line has the best chance of protecting him. Teammates find cost effective ways to accomplish their task in order to open up more of the budget for things outside of their area. It all falls apart when we start asking ourselves, “What about me?”

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  1. Just had a conversation with a team mate about hidden agendas.
    So many times has folks gotten caught up in their own needs which has burdened the rest of the team.
    We learned today that the needs of the one never out weigh the needs of the many, which is exempted with the possibility of the team failing. In most cases that I’ve experienced, the later is a rarity.

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