Knowing is Half the Battle

This will date me, but I watched cartoons back when they were required to have some educational message. GI Joe accomplished this with a section at the end of the show when one of the characters gave kids a little “life hack” lesson like pouring baking soda on a grease fire (which likely saved my childhood home once). At the end of the segment, they would say “now you know and knowing is half the battle.” This is true of knowledge. Knowledge can go a long way in saving us the time and energy of discovery. There will be times we all need to invent the next big thing but when we play smart, we should avoid reinventing the wheel.

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  1. ok so this will date me: I watched cartoons BEFORE they were required to have an educational message. Anyone remember bugs bunny, porky pig, elmer fudd, woody woodpecker, beany and cecil, popeye, george of the jungle, mr magoo, bulwinkle, flintstones, top cat, yogi bear, Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har, Jetsons, wally gator, jonny quest, underdog????

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