Everything is Awesome!

First, I would like to apologize for sticking that song in your head…

When a team leader is ultra-positive and believes that everything is awesome, it creates an unsafe environment to report things that aren’t. This closes the feedback loop for many and causes the team to become blissfully unaware of the actual condition while everyone else scrambles to fit the “not awesome” into the awesome team narrative. Those who have the intestinal fortitude to speak up outside the awesome narrative will likely be villainized, ostracized, and discredited. This further closes the feedback loop because others witness this and become too discouraged to speak outside the team’s awesome narrative. That’s just not awesome.


  1. Great article Dan, Awesome is always a dangerous place for a staff team to be in. You only learn & grow as challenges are faced and the team grows together. Trust you are well. D

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  2. Dan, I have found this to be especially true in churches. Praise God I do not see this at the Brook.

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