Passionately Contagious

Not every teammate is going to be passionate all the time. This is another benefit of being on a team. When I have a bad day and I am alone, it’s much harder to get out of a rut when I am isolated. A teammate who knows exactly how to make me smile can turn my attitude around very quickly. Passion is emotional and therefore it can be very contagious and infect those who my have lost that spark. Every day we have a choice to be affected or to affect the team in some way emotionally. If I am going to be contagious, what emotional state will I choose to spread onto the team today?

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  1. Sometimes just being there will allow the other person to self regenerate. At other times it takes a creative mindset on our part along with a positive attitude to bring someone who is down to an energized and hopeful position. A smile is always helpful.d

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