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Everything is Awesome!

Dan Pierce/ May 31, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 2 comments

First, I would like to apologize for sticking that song in your head… When a team leader is ultra-positive and believes that everything is awesome, it creates an unsafe environment to report things that aren’t. This closes the feedback loop for many and causes the team to become blissfully unaware of the actual condition while everyone else

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Faking the Hype

Dan Pierce/ May 30, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Our football coach used to tell us not to fake the hype. He wanted sincere excitement for the practice and the game. Faking the hype isn’t always a bad idea because it can lead to genuine excitement. Smiling when we are down usually brightens our mood. Going through the motions is an important way to choose to

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Motivation is Emotional

Dan Pierce/ May 29, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

I remember one of my football coaches getting emotional in every pre-game pep talk. The first time was moving. The next ten times he cried before a game made me kind of chuckle. I didn’t need him to cry to get me to care enough to play hard but it was nice to know that he cared

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Sources of Motivation

Dan Pierce/ May 28, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 1 comments

In my experience, I have noticed that there seems to be two sources of motivation for individuals. We are all motivated internally. We have wants, desires and passions that drive us. When we are on a team we combine our internal motivation with the external motivation from those around us. Great team environments stack the internal and

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You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere…

Dan Pierce/ May 27, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Every team has a first practice or meeting. Every person has a first day. That day is filled with anticipation of what could be and the realization of what currently is. Every big win started as an idea in the minds of a team. It’s exciting to start something new. It’s humbling to think of all the

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Dan Pierce/ May 26, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Have you ever noticed that it’s very difficult to quit something if you have never quit something before? It’s a threshold we are hesitant to cross if we are used to finishing. Quitting a second time is easier to do than the first time. It can be very strategic but it has a negative connotation. Quitting something

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Efficiency and Poise

Dan Pierce/ May 25, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Teams with poise are not just level-headed and unshakable, they are emotionally efficient. They understand when something is both urgent and important and they respond to those moments appropriately. They also sleep well at night because in their poise, they don’t worry about how circumstances will be perceived. Teams with poise are different from teams without poise

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Managing Contingencies

Dan Pierce/ May 24, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

I have noticed that I see the world differently than most people. When I plan or observe a situation, I see multiple possibilities rather than just one that seems most likely. It can cause a great deal of anxiety if I begin to make up my mind too quickly that the negative outcomes are more likely. I

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Dan Pierce/ May 23, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 1 comments

The opposite of anxiety in the moment is poise. Teams that have poise are able to focus their attention on the most important things in the most important moment. Poise replaces the panic of the unknown and acts in a way that limits the subjectivity of a perceived catastrophe and allows a team to respond appropriately to

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Anxiety: The Energy Eater

Dan Pierce/ May 22, 2015/ Teambuilding/ 1 comments

Our level of anxiety will determine our team’s ability to sustain high levels of competence over time. Worrying wears me out. It takes so much mental energy trying to imagine all the possible negative scenarios that could happen. In fact, it is exhausting to predict a terrible future a bunch of different ways that will almost certainly

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