My Response to Accountability

Why wouldn’t I want people in my life to ask the hard questions? I know I hate moments of accountability when I can’t give the answer people are looking for. I don’t want to let someone down. I don’t want to seem incompetent. I don’t want to communicate that the thing  I said I care about isn’t really what I care about because clearly I didn’t care enough to make sure it happened. I don’t want that to be exposed. I have at least few common options…

1) Blame circumstance.
2) Become appalled that the person had the audacity to check on me…what a micromanager! (Even though I clearly have proven them correct.)
3) Apologize, make no excuses and do everything I can to make it right.

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  1. All good stuff Coach,
    I will present the hard questions. I may not like the answers, but they are what they are as long as its up front and honest.
    Being asked those questions should be common practice with each of us, whether its the boss or ourselves doing the asking. To me its great way to keep sharp and on my toes. I feel like if someone cares enough to ask they care enough to what to know. And if they want to know they might just ask the right question for something that was or potentially overlooked.


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