Responsible and Caring Leadership

If a leader is sentimental towards people when he should be thinking clinically about the collective good, he will be accused of nepotism or partiality. When a leader lacks sentiment, he makes decisions that are expedient without any thought of how it affects people. A friend and mentor of mine recently pointed out the need to be able to freely move between the two ways of thinking to truly lead people in a way that responsibly communicates care.

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  1. Excellent lesson. One of the traps for new leaders is the desire to be liked rather than respected. While I don’t have a problem with leaders befriending people they lead I always caution new leaders to tread carefully in that arena. Oftentimes that “friendship” is actually a desire by one to get favor from the leader. A true friend will understand when the leader has a job to do and has to make a decision in favor of the organization that may not be in line with what the friend wants.

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