Monthly Archives: March 2015

Feeding the Ego

Encouragement feeds the ego. The term ego has a negative connotation as it brings to mind the danger of unhealthy narcissism. The ego is a very real aspect of our mind. In fact, there is a psychological term that describes the finite nature of our ego called ego depletion. Ego depletion describes will power and the ability

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Define Encouragement

Encouragement is one of the benefits I cannot get when I work alone. It’s often misidentified in our self-esteem focused culture. Encouragement can come in the form of cheering people on and that is likely what most people think about when they expect encouragement. Encouragement is also standing firm with a teammate in the moments where they

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The Empowerment Key

Here is the key to empowerment from the leader’s perspective: “Does everyone on the team depend on me or do I depend on my team?” It is true that everyone on the team should depend on each other, but empowerment comes from the leader. What the leader believes will dictate the level of empowerment the rest of

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What Empowering Leadership Isn’t…Part 2

Leadership is not being a jack of all trades. Leaders who believe otherwise are spotted when they have opinions about areas where they have no real expertise. Those leaders surround themselves with people who absolutely depend on them rather than with people on whom they depend. Empowering leaders defer to the experts.

What Empowering Leadership Isn’t…

Leadership isn’t telling people what to do. Leaders who believe otherwise are always spotted when they insist on micromanaging their team. Empowering leaders empower methods outside their own. Leadership also isn’t telling people what they did wrong. Some leaders struggle with the “not doing” and they focus on communicating how they would have done things differently. These

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Consistent Feedback

Consistent doesn’t mean constant. No one wants to read 50 consecutive emails that tell us what we did wrong without one mention of what we did right.  Even if positives are mentioned, constant feedback gets ignored. Consistent feedback is meaningful and is given regardless of how I will feel. Consistent feedback doesn’t just tell me how amazing

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The Gift of Feedback

If feedback is a gift, it is like getting a sweater from your great-aunt for Christmas. I didn’t ask for it and clearly she doesn’t know what I like. Feedback is difficult to receive. Only the experienced, mature and professional have received enough feedback to handle it well. This is why teams too often set up internal

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Counting Costs Takes a Team

When a leader paints a vision of the future, it is the responsibility of each team member to evaluate that idea in light of what they know is possible. It is always fun to dream, but there comes a time when everyone has to be honest enough to know the difference between a project that will stretch

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Foresight and Vision

There is a lot said about the role of a team leader and the need to for proper vision casting. Vision casting isn’t just all about painting a picture of the future but it’s also about helping the team understand what it will take to make that future a reality. Inspiration is required to face the costs

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Foresight and Resourcing

The reason many situations were under-resourced can be traced back to a lack of foresight. It is the leader’s job to make sure the team is always in a position to succeed. This takes serious consideration when planning and tracking so the leader can help the team manage the necessary resources to achieve the team goal. Too

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