Reasonable Resourcing

One of the most important jobs a team leader has which is directly connected to their ability to empower others is resourcing. Does the team have what they need to meet the expectations for achieving the team goal? Resources are all the finite items the team will need to complete a job. They include money, space, time, manpower, and bandwidth. It is impossible to empower a teammate without adequately resourcing them and putting them in a situation to succeed. It is the leader’s job to do this.

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  1. I think the leader must be responsible for making sure the team member completely understands the goal, and is responsible for recourses to a point.

    It, to me, is the responsibility of the team member to objectively analyze the goal and take appropriate steps to gather the needed resources. But at the same time engage the leader for addition help if resources become unobtainable.

    I believe in balance and order.

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