New should be exciting. It should bring joy, and it does. That exciting new source of joy can be a threat to the previous source of joy on a team. Jealousy is a very real human emotion. New people who join a team often pose a threat to those who enjoy that same period of newness. They enjoyed being the one who excited people with a new perspective. When someone new comes and threatens that status, we shouldn’t be surprised to see existing teammates hang the new threats to their status out to dry just to subtly remind everyone else on the team they are still necessary. It is sad and somewhat unbelievable but insecurity is a big reason why new teammates are not always trained as well as they should be.

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  1. It is intimidating to have the new guy show up, even for the one how recruited that person. Most of the team is warm and inviting to them, but inevitable there is always one that gets standoffish with them. There’s really nothing that a leader can do but wait and see the transformation of acceptance. With any luck this will take place quickly and not create any delays in the project.

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