The Will to Win is a Series of Choices

Every team faces adversity. The quality of a team is demonstrated by their response to adversity. Teams like the Seattle Seahawks demonstrated how to react to adversity in the NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers. Here is a list of choices they made as a team:

They chose…
1) …to encourage and rally around one another instead of blaming each other for their perceived misfortune.
2) …to have a resolve and stick to the game plan rather than panic and second guess their preparation.
3) …to make better decisions instead of compounding mistakes with reactionary thinking. They put down the proverbial shovel.
4) …to not quit and they made the impossible happen regardless of the path that presented itself to them as a team.

I am excited for the Super Bowl! Regardless of who we root for, we will get to watch two great teams led by two of the best team builders in the NFL.

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