Making a Stand

Stuart Scott passed away earlier this week. He was an anchorman on SportsCenter for a long time. Many are crediting him for breaking the race barrier in sportscasting. He was one of my favorites. His style, witty catch phrases and energy made me look forward to watching sports highlights. What struck me was how ESPN honored him this past week. He was a great teammate because he fought hard early on to be true to himself. That style we all enjoyed happened despite some initial resistance. By resisting the pressure to conform, he broke more than a race barrier. He made SportsCenter better. He left an impact on a team because he was free to be himself. How quickly do I conform under pressure? What is my team missing out on if I am not true to myself? Does being who I am make this team better? What long-term impact am I leaving on the team and the game we play? Great teammates do not fight for their rights but stand for what they can bring to the table to benefit everyone.

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