I have been writing a lot about the reasons for micromanagement and today I am writing about a reason that turns my stomach when I witness it. There are leaders who micromanage because they don’t believe their teammates can ever change or improve. The saying that is thrown around is that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. I would add, “Except when it isn’t”. People change, grow, learn and develop. That is the joy of being on a team because we can sharpen each other. When someone is condemned to a life of constant oversight, I believe that says a lot more about the leader passing that judgment than the person who has been labeled forever untrustworthy.


  1. I am enjoying the micromanaging topic a sone great nuggets of wisdom. So for today’s, what is the point that you realize that person is not going to change or that you can no longer invest the effort needed or the take the risk of allowing continued problems? As you know in my business the public is very intolerant of mistakes.

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    1. The key to understanding “when” is knowing when we have discerned whether the person is a fit on the team or not. A good rule of thumb is to make sure we are not defining people based on their worst moment. The next step is to understand the person’s understanding of my opinion of them and how I came to that opinion. The next thing to consider is if I have given them enough time to respond to the honest conversation. If so, and they don’t choose to make the changes or grow, then they have made their choice to “not fit” on the team and the next step is to help them find a better fit on a different team. This takes a lot of effort, thought and time than most people anticipate. But it’s worth it because it saves a lot of people and relationships than would be with a quicker and easier approach.

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