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Nothing is Ever as Good or Bad as it Seems…

One of the most important jobs of a team leader to is to stabilize the team through its highs and lows. The very nature of a shared experience as a team can amplify specific emotions in the moment. A great leader understands that nothing is ever as good or bad as it seems because of this effect.

Team Liability

Leaders have a great effect on a team’s state of mind and emotions. Great leaders stabilize the emotions of the team. This is important because teams have an inherent liability. When we work with others, we will inevitably be affected by their emotions. Have you ever been around someone with an infectious laugh? Doesn’t everything seem so

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Belief Gap

There is often a gap between what teammates can do and what they believe they can do. It’s the team leader’s job to challenge each member of the team to reach beyond their comfort zone and help them reach their full potential. Part of the benefit of joining a team is the encouragement we gain when we

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Reliably Negative

Over-promising is just one aspect of unreliability. Having a “can do” attitude is also important. If someone hears me shoot down ideas too often, it’s likely they will stop bringing new ideas to me. Also, as a teammate, I must not communicate annoyance or a sense of being “put out” when another teammate needs assistance. A great

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Reputation and Reliability

Reliability is similar to availability in a lot of ways. It is different in that it is mainly influenced by our ability to keep our word. My reliability as a teammate is measured by the distance between what I say will happen and what actually happens. Over-promising and under-delivering will build a bad reputation just as fast

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Full Participation

Being on time to meetings and my job is a clear sign of striving to be a great teammate. Consistent tardiness builds a negative reputation faster than almost anything in the area of participation because it means the whole team has to wait for me. If I am consistently late, I cannot blame circumstances. I must blame

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Reputation and Availability

There is no ability like availability. It doesn’t matter how skilled I am as a teammate if I cannot participate in the team projects. Participation can look different in different team contexts. On a sports team, participation includes showing up to practice on time, every time a practice is scheduled. It also includes being ready for the

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Reputation and Ability

Every team knows who their “go to” person is for certain projects or tasks. Teammates are always aware of who can accomplish a task. Those who are humble enough to acknowledge the need for help will gain much more respect than those who don’t. Those who fake it until they make it will be quickly found out.

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Ramifications and Reputations

A great teammate knows that others depend on them. They live with a sense of burden that helps them form their attitudes and decisions. Small actions can add up to a big impact on the rest of the team over time as a reputation is built. Our reputation as a teammate is the culmination of people’s experience

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Team Rejection

When do I become more of a liability than a benefit to the team? Is it when I am least productive? Is it when I am less enthusiastic? Is it when my competency is questioned? What are the grounds for separation from your team? Constant poisoning of the team chemistry should be the reason for separation. That’s

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