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Emotional Discipline

It takes discipline of the mind to battle the many opportunities for bitterness. That discipline is one of our most important responsibilities to our team. It’s a choice completely within our control. We might not be in control of our circumstances, however we are in control of our response to those circumstances. We must commit to fighting

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Balancing Bitterness

The best way to fight bitterness in our thought life is similar to how we counteract it in our everyday life. When coffee is too bitter we add something to sweeten it. Only in our minds do we silently sip bitterness to our own detriment. Our teams would be in position emotionally more often if we would

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Bitterness Is A Choice…

We all face opportunities for bitterness to creep into our minds and hearts. It’s a slow fade. An inconvenience slowly becomes and annoyance. Annoying situations begin to become personified. People begin to be resented. Resentment causes us to assign negative motives to the actions of our teammates that don’t seem to take our needs into consideration. The

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Being In Position: Emotionally

We get into position emotionally as teammates when we have a clear and positive thought life. This helps our minds be free from nagging resentment and bitterness towards circumstances and other teammates. There is a healthy contentment with our role and position within the team dynamic. Our thought life is our perception and therefore our reality.

In Moderation

Most things are good in moderation. Cheat days are great but discipline is a balance that can be like dominos. When we are stressed, we are much more likely to compromise. While it is good to take a cheat day from a diet to celebrate, it’s not good to come up with a reason to celebrate every

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Cheat Days

Some personality types can take physical fitness too far. The team should enjoy being around each other and they should be free to celebrate. Good food is a wonderful way to celebrate and self-imposed dietary restrictions shouldn’t get in the way of that. Have a cheat day for crying out loud! Enjoy the moment without overdoing it.

Diet and Discipline

If we don’t have time to manage our diet, we will likely not have time for the exercise that our bodies require. Ninety percent of being a great teammate is showing up to do the job. When we are not in position physically we are much more likely to miss practice, game days, work, and events because

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Being in Position: Physically

Everyone on the team is a physical being that has physical needs. We ignore these needs because we get busy. We don’t eat throughout the day because of the attention our job demands. We over-eat because of the pressure of the job and that can cause health issues. Eating right includes a proper balance between timing, portion,

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Being In Position

Under the stated values and goals of a team is found the discipline to live out those values and goals. Every teammate is responsible for their own discipline. I like to call that “being in position” to make a play for the team. Playmakers don’t get ready, they stay ready. That is the meaning of being in

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We Only Do What We Care About…

It’s true. Our emotions always drive our actions. When we are passionate about something we are more likely to act. Love, anger, guilt, and fear are all examples of some of the most common emotions that drive us each day. Even hunger can change the way feel…ever get “hangry”? When we are “hangry” we tend to prioritize

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