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We Are Better Together…

When working in a team together, it is important to listen and consider other ideas from our teammates. When our own ideas become our own opinions too quickly, we can limit one of the best benefits of being on a team. Working with a team requires a slower process for decision-making. This is a huge benefit because

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Consistent Communication

Communication is expected on a team. When communication fails, that expectation can quickly turn into frustration. This makes “assumption” a much larger risk than we often think. Assumptions undermine consistent communication. They are dangerous because they create a false reality in our minds that we are not aware of until it’s too late.

Kind Communication

Team communication must be kind. People become frustrated when other people are not kind. This is especially important when communicating honestly. Truth and kindness always need to go hand-in-hand. Resentment and frustration also build when teammates see other teammates treated in an unkind way. It perpetuates a dishonest culture because the truth is more aversive than it

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Dual Reality

Frustration is caused by dishonest communication when people eventually find out that they have not had the opportunity to be on the same page with their teammates. A dual reality is created when we are not honest with each other. Dual realities are diametrically opposed to unity. It’s important to remember that teammates count on each other

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Honest Communication

Honest communication is communication in its rarest form. I believe that most untruth isn’t to cover up a wrong that we have done. Rather, I believe the majority of all lies are told to spare other people’s feelings. It’s a noble justification but will inevitably lead to team dysfunction. If communication is dishonest on a team it

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Cause and Effect

Frustration within a team dynamic is almost always caused by expectations that are unclear, not communicated, or unreasonable. Communication within a team must be honest, kind, and consistent. Frustration will build within a team if team communication is missing any of those three aspects. Just because a team talks doesn’t mean they communicate in a way that

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Frustration is that feeling when things don’t quite go our way often enough to seem like a pattern that will likely continue. Anyone can dismiss an annoyance. When the annoyance becomes a pattern that replaces the reality we expected is when frustration sets in. Annoying things keep happening when they shouldn’t keep happening. When we can isolate

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Pros and Cons

Teams are put together to join forces for a common cause. That cause can create unity and loyalty. The actual need for the team is for some grand purpose. Maybe it’s winning a championship and making history. Maybe it’s to innovate the next “big thing”. Whatever it is, frustrations will arise because a team is, by nature,

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You Don’t Have To Get Spiritual If You Stay Spiritual…

It’s interesting how spiritual people can get when the chips are down. This is true for a lot of people but not the best teammates. The best teammates are spiritual, rain or shine. Think about the people you turn to in a time of crisis. It’s the people who you intuitively know to be in position to

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Being In Position: Spiritually

We are in position spiritually when we gain confidence from our beliefs and convictions. This should create a consistency between our thoughts, words, and actions. This consistency makes us reliable teammates. People know what to expect. This is an important aspect of being a great teammate. Belief and faith become important when the team is faced with

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