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Humility and Swagger?

How can we possess and express both humility and swagger? We must be confident enough in our known ability and effort. When we have worked hard, we should feel confident that we have done everything we can to put the team in a position to succeed. Humility helps us remember that our skill and effort are not

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Swagger in Moderation

Swagger is something that must be held in measured amounts. Too much swagger and a team or individual can be seen as overconfident and not taken seriously. Too little swagger and a person can be seen as self-deprecating and insecure. Swagger in the proper amount inspires others and keeps things fun and optimistic.

Confidence is Contagious

Belief is something that is so strong that it could not only affect our personal outlook but also the outlook of those around us. When we are confident, we become a source of hope for the rest of our team. There is nothing like a little swagger from a teammate when everyone else is looking for some

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Unbeatable Confidence

When we are confident, we will take on almost anything that comes our way. Confidence is an attractive quality. If one teammate seems confident then it doesn’t take long for the rest of the team to rally around that person despite the circumstance. Sometimes, a little confidence at the right moment is the difference between “almost” and

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Team Confidence

There are few attributes that are more important to a great team than confidence. 1) When a team is confident they are almost unbeatable. 2) Confidence affects how a team sees its own circumstances. 3) Success is always within reach of a confident team. 4) Confident teams outlast their opponents and adversity. 5) Confidence interacts with the

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Great teammates always put the team’s benefit before their preferences. Joining a team requires an acknowledgement of the need to think of others first. The team leader must model this or the team culture will not emulate it. A great team is selfless because the leader is selfless. A poor team is not for the same reason.

Communicating Care Part 2

It is just as important that the team communicates that they care for the leader and the direction of the team as well. Leaders should not have to wonder if their team cares for them as a person. Leaders require care from the team because they are people with real emotions. The best teams have leaders that

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Communicating Care Part 1

There is tremendous truth in the old saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. This is especially true in a team dynamic. If decisions are made by the team leader that consistently demonstrate that care for the team is less of a priority than the care for results, then

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Taken Advantage Of…

There are often decisions to be made by a team leader that will disappoint someone, no matter which way the leader decides. The team dynamic is preserved if the decisions are made because they are the best course and not done to avoid conflict. When conflict is avoided, the teammate that is able to “take it” is

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The Impossible…

It’s impossible to make everyone on a team happy all of the time. Many team leaders are faced with this impossible task often. Different teammates with different expectations can make for a difficult situation. The key is for the leader to keep reminding the team of the goal and to be a resource for each teammate to

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