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The balance between over-complicated and over-simplified is “user-friendly”. It’s the sweet spot that allows us to do what we must do without doing too much. User-friendly systems and routines are flexible enough to allow efficient decision-making. It’s the perfect marriage between the preservation of both dignity and efficiency.

The Myth of Simplicity

In an effort to simplify by creating a one-stop-shop, we create a myth of simplicity. Jamming all of what we do into one spot hides the complexity inside of it. If a team does too many things and wants to simplify, it should consider actually reducing what it does instead the ways it attempts to meet those

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Too Simple

Everyone says they like simple until they want more of a variety. Simplicity by its very nature decides for us. This is a good thing when the choices overwhelm us. This can be a limiting when simplicity makes decisions in areas we still want a say in. Choice preserves the dignity that over-simplicity can rob.

Too Many Choices

When teams spend too much time deciding on what to do, they likely have too many options on the table. It takes a leader to facilitate inclusive discussions to decide the best possible options by eliminating the obvious choices that are not right for the team and situation. Too many options can make the decision-making process too

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The Power of “Or”

One of the most fun exercises or tasks a team can do together is to choose something together. Choosing implies that there is more than one choice to choose from. There isn’t only one way and decisions are not made for them. Where there is no “or” there is no choice. Where there is no choice there

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Great teams have more fun than other teams. Are you having fun? Is being on your current team fun? Do you enjoy the people you work with? Do they enjoy you and communicate that to you? Is there a season that you are looking forward too? Do you watch the clock at the end of the day

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Refresh, Adjust, Start Over

Routines may not need to be completely overhauled in every situation. A team routine may only need to be revisited and emphasized if it remains effective. Examining the “why” and going back to the basics can breathe new life into an existing routine. Most often routines need to simply be adjusted over time. While circumstances can be

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When To Blow Up A Rut…

Every six months or so I tend to shake things up in my routines. I do this because I tend to get bored and I need a change of pace. When blowing up a routine, I have to consider that other teammates may not see the need for the change. They may still enjoy the routine and

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When Routines Become a Rut…

Routines do create a sense of safety and can recreate past results. Routines become a rut for a team when a sense of boredom begins to set in. Overconfidence in a routine can create a carelessness that begins to erode the effectiveness of the team. There comes a time when a routine no longer fits the direction

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Routines, Formulas, and Rabbit Feet

Superstition is simply an acknowledgement that there must be a routine and formula that leads to success. Routines give us a measure of control over our situations. While this may or may not be a placebo effect, they do tend to build confidence. Teams develop routines so they can repeat the good results that they enjoyed in

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