Team Poison Test: Confident Assertions With Hesitant Action

Everyone is human and by nature, judgmental at times. How can we know if we are acting on a snap judgment or if we are safe to proceed? A great test of our own behavior is to take an honest assessment of how confident we are in our assertions. Snap judgments can simply be defined as conclusions drawn from partial information. We can identify our own snap judgments when we make confident assertions but later hesitate to act on those assertions. In the moment of the assertion we verbally express a conclusion that we have come to. Later in the moment of acting on the assertion we hesitate because subconsciously (or consciously) we are not as confident as we previously portrayed in front of others. Since time has passed we have likely gleaned information we didn’t have at the moment of the assertion. In fact, our confidence may have resulted in compensating for the lack of information we had at the time. This is why we find ourselves back pedaling from our previous statements. This poisons a team culture because it slowly erodes trust in our statements and opinions about people. Ultimately people will worry about what we think of them when they witness us making a snap judgment about someone else.

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