Open Mind, Every Person, Every Time

A judgmental team environment will squash the fun a team can have together because the culture will teach people to hide who they really are. That robs them of the freedom necessary to have fun and be effective. People are judgmental by their very nature.

In her book Mastermind, Psychologist Maria Konnikova describes how our brains are hard wired to “love nothing more than to jump to conclusions.” Since we are so naturally susceptible to snap judgments, teammates must be disciplined to slow down and get to know people so that a safe team culture can be cultivated. It takes an obsessive attitude to pry open our minds. Imagine the bandwidth we could have to achieve more if we were not constantly working to hide who we really are. How free would we really feel if we could just be ourselves without the fear of judgment from our teammates? How much more fun could it be to work in a safe and accepting environment?

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