The “No” Quota

Hearing the word “no” can elicit such an aversive response within our mind that we choose to make compromises in team building that we know are ineffective. We would rather live with that ineffectiveness than risk rejection.

Recruiting a team is difficult if we want to avoid rejection. The easiest way to avoid rejection is to never ask in the first place. Another way to avoid rejection is to only ask those closest to you. Building a team around your existing friends and family will not always help you create the best team.

There is a strategy that can fight against the fear of rejection. Make “no” the goal. Make a list of potential additions to your team and don’t stop recruiting until you get 15 people to say “no”. Along the way you will get enough people to say yes. If done correctly, a recruiter may never reach their “no” quota while they add quality people to their team.

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