Be a Great Teammate: Embrace Healthy Conflict

I am responsible to do my part to create a healthy environment that embraces conflict on the team. I make the team better when I take responsibility for my own responses to my teammates.

If I am too passive and avoid conflict, I will lose credibility and influence. People know when we say something different than what we feel. Saying nothing only silences 10% of our communication. Feelings will leak through body language, changes in routine, and passive aggressive comments.

If I am too aggressive I will create an environment where my teammates will resent me from a distance. Opinions matter but the communication of those opinions matter far more. I am a good teammate when my team knows that when I speak I am for them and have their back, not placing blame or being overly critical.

Proverbs 10:18

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  1. Coach Pierce is on it! I love solution-oriented team players. Blame is like a flat tire — it gets you no where! The piece on silence only silencing 10% of communication was dead on. When I’m upset, my husband says I slap my hip. That one action speaks mountains to him. Great points!

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