Repeat History

We are far better at making New Year’s resolutions than maintaining them. This is often true with other goals that we set. A team that fails to consider past barriers to a goal they have set is likely doomed to reap a similar result in the future. Goals are set by teams to arrive at a specific future. Teams should reflect on why they have never achieved the goal they have set before. What has previously kept the future of the team from being a reality? When these barriers are identified, they can then be targeted and eliminated as the team progresses toward the goal.

Barriers that are consistent can be targeted in the benchmarks. Barriers that are less imminent need to be watched for.

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  1. Every time my husband plans to leave for work trip, I set the goal of cleaning out our “Dragon Room” while he is away. Yet, to this day, it remains. I did work on it yesterday for 3 hours while he and Ashley went to the shooting range. That was really good. I really need to consider the previous barriers so I can make a plan to overcome them.

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