The Contrast Between a Teammate and a Rival

Rivalry is the opposite of a team mindset. Rivalry breeds a sense of danger. A team environment should feel as though it’s a safe place to fail and a safe place to succeed.

Teammates shout the victories of other teammates.
Rivals are uncomfortable with the success of others.

Teammates whisper the defeats of their teammates to make them better.
Rivals label others based on their worst moments and never let anyone forget the failure.

Teammates step in to help another teammate that is struggling.
Rivals stand by and wait for others to fail so they can point it out as a failure they saw coming.

Teammates hope all things.
Rivals are cynical at best.

Teammates hold each other close.
Rivals highlight the failure of others and call it accountability.

Teammates are publicly and privately supportive of their teammates even when they disagree.
Rivals simply are not.

During a fire, teammates act as a fire extinguisher.
During a fire, a rival acts as a fire alarm.

Which one are you? It could be different with different people. Your behavior in each circumstance will answer that question.

1 Corinthians 1:10

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