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There’s always a bigger fish.

Authority is a funny thing. A true understanding of authority is demonstrated not by being in charge but in acknowledging where my authority begins and someone else’s ends. I find it ironic that many in authority often demonstrate an incomplete view and application of it because they get too used to getting thier own way. I have to check myself on this often. Am I demanding more authority from those who I lead or even those who I am led by? Authority is more than telling others what to do or getting our own way. Those who lead, including myself, can forget that if we are not careful. People with the responsibility will inevitably need authority to manage that responsibility and that blade cuts both directions away from myself. Great leaders empower those who they serve and lead both up and down the chain of command. They do so by understanding that authority is shared on a team and a good teammate manages their own authority by not demanding the authority that SHOULD be held by others and NOT them.

If you can’t take the heat…

Why don’t we choose the best choice? A couple reasons stand out. The best choice is usually inconvenient. Most people equate best with convenient and get derailed early on in the decision-making process. Convenience is often tied to popularity. The best choice is usually unpopular in the short term. This is where people jump off the best choice band wagon. They want to be liked which is often impossible for those who become the best at something. Why is it that success or best choices are not often sustained? The longer we are successful, the more inconvenient and unpopular our choices tend to become. Successful people either learn to endure criticism and ridicule or they settle after a taste of success into a more convenient and popular range of choices while basking in that single moment of glory.

The good news about the success of others…

Those who are the best of us make different choices. The best result is the outcome of the best choice. Sustained success is a pattern of the best choices. That is the real inconvenient truth. The fact that others can make better choices than I can and find a way to prevail is not as bad as it seems. That means we all have the freedom to make the best choices so that we can fulfill the dream of becoming the best and hated by everyone who chose to believe that success is a cosmic lottery system. The point is that success is a choice and sustained success is simply creating a habit of choosing the best.