Looking for the finish line or the excuse?

Dan Pierce/ April 26, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

Tenacity is an important attribute for a great teammate. Tenacious people don’t quit as easy as others. I believe this is because they have enough confidence to accomplish what they set out to do. That may sound like a no-brainer but it isn’t what everyone does. Some people start endeavors with no real intention to finish. They

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Chemistry over Competence

Dan Pierce/ April 25, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

What is the most important outcome of an interview process? Competency and character should be a given and are easy to spot disqualifications for. Chemistry is far more important to discern in the interview process. Does the candidate get out of their bed in the morning for the same reason that we do? Does your team have that

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The Intimacy/Inspiration Correlation

Dan Pierce/ April 24, 2018/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

What inspires people? The answer to that is probably broad. Teams must know each other well in order to know what inspires them. Teams cannot simply function as a group of individuals that benefit from the collective effort and complementary skillsets. Teams must develop a rapport and level of intimacy to truly function as a unit that

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The Cause

Dan Pierce/ April 23, 2018/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

Teams require inspiration. The source of inspiration should be a worthwhile cause. The cause needs to be worthwhile because the team needs to believe in it to the point of enthusiasm. The grind of hard work for a cause over time can diminish the collective enthusiasm of a team.  When enthusiasm wanes, it is the job of

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Want versus Best

Dan Pierce/ April 22, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

A leader with a mature attitude has a much easier time letting go of what they want so that the team can accomplish its best outcome. Too often, teams are limited by the comfort level of the leader. The team hits its lid of achievement. A mature attitude allows a leader to understand that what they want

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Proactive and Secure

Dan Pierce/ April 21, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

A mature leader is patient in the face of adversity that is likely to pass over time. Things rarely go as planned and adversity requires a mature attitude to navigate through it. Maturity leans into adverse situations because strength and growth are often the outcome. Naïve attitudes fear the bad look of adversity and do everything they

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Maturity: Managing Resources

Dan Pierce/ April 20, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

When a leader is mature enough to discern what is a big deal and what isn’t, they can allocate resources better than those who tend to be more reactive to circumstances. Maturity sees the world beyond the immediate circumstances. They know when time and money is needed to help get something off the ground. They also can

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The Fork in the Road

Dan Pierce/ April 19, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Maturity allows us to see the world through experienced eyes. Many who think they are mature because of their experience actually demonstrate an arrogance when they demand that their methods are the only way forward. They miss that it wasn’t necessarily their plan that succeeded but their humble attitude that allowed them to adjust in real time

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Attitude Over Method

Dan Pierce/ April 18, 2018/ Knowing What's A Big Deal/ 0 comments

There are a lot of different leadership styles. There are a multitude of effective methods. How does a person find the most effective leadership path with all the valid and diverse approaches available? It’s found in attitude more than method. Mature leadership attitudes will beat the naïve and ambitious more often over time. Maturity allows people to

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The Cure for Uncertainty

Dan Pierce/ April 17, 2018/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

When great leadership is present, people have someone to look to when they are uncertain. Uncertainty can be the greatest cause of anxiety and hesitation. One of the most important jobs of any leader is to help the team value the practice of embracing uncertainty. People get scared. They need someone to acknowledge the scariness of the

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