Everyday Drills

Whether in a sport, at a job, or in a family, everyone everywhere is part of a team. The Everyday Drills blog is designed to create a moment each morning where we are intentional about becoming better teammates and team leaders. Subscribe for thoughtful ways for you and your team to be challenged each and every day.

Anxiety Cure

The presence of anxiety in a job is almost always a direct result of a lack of training. I believe most people want to do their best work but many are under-trained and therefore suffer large amounts of unnecessary anxiety. Knowing what to do without knowing exactly how to do it can be a nightmare for someone trying to make a good impression on a new team. When a person is given a job without proper training, the failure is on the supervisor.

Training Wheels

Every new teammate has a learning curve when they first join a team. It’s important to provide clear outlines of responsibility and reasonable expectations for those responsibilities. Training is as important as anything else in the first weeks and months of a new teammate joining a team. Telling someone how to start is as important as telling them what is expected.

Sooner is better than later.

Holding the line against compromise is difficult. Sometimes it’s a battle of wills between the coach and team. Sometimes it’s a parent who is trying to do the right thing by saying “no” to their wonderful whining child. The temptation to give in is real. Especially when you know you have the power to make the whiner stop. If you have to give in, do it as soon as possible. This is important because if you wait and then give in, the whiner will learn that they can outlast you. If you give in early one time and then hold the line with resolve the next time, they will learn that you mean business past a certain point. Outlasting is winning. Everyone knows it.