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When we let someone off the hook, we allow the team to abide mistakes when they shouldn’t in order to preserve a pleasant and positive atmosphere. This only lasts so long because when mistakes become the norm, the team will eventually become embarrassed and nothing overcomes sentimental protection of feelings like embarrassment. The concern for feelings usually

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Off the Hook

Dan Pierce/ December 9, 2017/ Feedback/ 0 comments

Why are we so quick to let people off the hook? When a mistake is made, it is completely logical to address the mistake and learn from it. Why then do we say that “it’s ok” when it’s truly not ok? Sentimental feelings can cloud my thinking when I don’t want to make someone feel bad by

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Dan Pierce/ December 8, 2017/ Handling Failure/ 0 comments

Our performances are always a culmination of our choices. I have been hurt in the past and carry just as much baggage as anyone else, but it encourages me that my choices today can help me overcome whatever patterns exist in my life because of the pain caused by the choices of others. It is not easy.

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Hiding Behind Adversity

Dan Pierce/ December 7, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Excuses come in all forms. My excuse is valid because of my special circumstances. The problem with that logic is that every person has a past and present that is filled with “unique” circumstances. Some are worse than others and I am not trying to be insensitive to those that have had more than their fair share

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Unwavering Attitudes

Dan Pierce/ December 6, 2017/ Competition, Team Dynamics, Winning/ 0 comments

Teams and teammates that have an unwavering attitude resist the wisdom of the quitter or settler. The path of least resistance doesn’t sound like wisdom to them. The unwavering team can be annoying because they stubbornly hang in there long after others move on. They seemingly waste time in a painful effort that wasn’t supposed to be

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Strategy or Habit

Dan Pierce/ December 5, 2017/ Competition/ 0 comments

Football teams usually punt on fourth down. This isn’t quitting. It’s a strategic move that places the ball in the other team’s hands in hope of getting it back with better field position. Not all quitting is as strategic as this. There is a difference between quitting when things get harder than you anticipated and quitting to

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Settling Wisdom

Dan Pierce/ December 4, 2017/ Compromise/ 0 comments

It sounds like wisdom to accept a limit. This is absolutely true when a true limit of ability is reached. People that settle for less often confuse an ability limit with an effort limit. Settling for less seems like the best possible result with the level of effort that I am willing to commit to. That’s not

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Simple isn’t easy.

Dan Pierce/ December 3, 2017/ Discipline/ 0 comments

It takes discipline to keep things simple. Life happens and tends to squeeze in all manner of compromises and exceptions to all the little rules we make to simplify our lives. Life isn’t always black and white but some choices are. It takes discipline to identify those areas so that we can keep our lives as simple

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Today is about today.

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Every teammate is going to make a mistake from time to time. The key to giving second chances is about making today about today. When I keep score on the mistakes of my teammates, I will struggle to keep a single mistake in the correct context. Just because someone made a mistake in the past, doesn’t mean

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The Transactional Volunteer

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The transactional volunteer is happy to help at a cost. They see the help that they give as a down payment for a future favor or influence. These types of teammates will cause you to consider the cost of their help in the future. Great teammates help the team for the benefit of the team and not

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