Can we hold ourselves accountable?

Dan Pierce/ February 22, 2018/ Accoutability and Feedback/ 0 comments

Ideally people would want to be trusted to do their job their way. This works out when people are committed to the same level of quality and share the same expectations as the rest of the team. Unfortunately, when we are left to evaluate ourselves, we don’t always see the opportunities to improve. We need another perspective

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Influence Under the Surface

Dan Pierce/ February 21, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Great teammates can give input without the expectation of getting their way every time. They understand that their influence is a part of the decision making process even if it’s not represented topographically in the actual decision that is made. All ideas are not good ideas but even bad ideas influence the path toward the idea that

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Who is in charge?

Dan Pierce/ February 20, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

This is an important question to answer before a moment of adversity. If everyone can agree that someone has a final decision, everyone doesn’t have to agree. Leaderless teams or teams that lack decision-makers have to settle on unanimous votes before they can move forward. I say settle because the alternative is an argument of competing interests

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Dan Pierce/ February 19, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

When teams do not have a clear authority structure, they do not have a clear resource structure. Everyone should know exactly who to talk to when they need something. Operating under authority comes with the benefit of having a place outside of ourselves to get resources from. When we link the idea of authority providing resources, we

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Dan Pierce/ February 18, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Every team has an authority structure. Some teams have an ambiguous structure that doesn’t clearly define who reports to who. Other teams operate in a way that clearly identifies who is responsible for what and who reports to who. This clarity in authority is vital in moments of conflict, accountability, and adversity.

Choose Wisely

Dan Pierce/ February 17, 2018/ Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

We don’t always get to pick our team but when we do, it is a great opportunity to put together a special group of people that will work together to accomplish more. A no brainer when we are talking about forming a team, right? If it’s such a no brainer, then why do so many teams put

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Switch It Up

Dan Pierce/ February 16, 2018/ Winning/ 0 comments

When a team progresses, it is important that it adjusts for the increases that come with growth and success. Consistent winning is rare because many routines that got us to a peak of success will not keep us there. Winning is deceptive in that it makes us feel as if we have everything figured out. The best

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Passion is Polarizing

Dan Pierce/ February 15, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

Passion can be polarizing. Passion fuels emotion and emotions can turn conversations into games, battles, or wars to be won. If I am passionate about my stance, I am not looking to change my mind. If I notice that I don’t share a passion with another person, it might be best to avoid the topic. Energy and

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Dan Pierce/ February 14, 2018/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

You often get to pick your team and when you do, it’s worth finding out what inspires a person. Our thoughts, preferences, and complaints betray our inspiration. When I complain, I am talking about what I care deeply about in that moment. Complaints can seem pretty banal when we pay attention to what we actually say. That

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Would you rather?

Dan Pierce/ February 13, 2018/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

What do feel would make all the difference in the world? What do you think about? That is what inspires you. For some, it’s about a cause that would change the world. For others, inspiration is found in getting to the weekend without a hassle. Which do you want on your team?