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Communication is vital. No one would disagree with that statement. Every relationship is dependent on honest, consistent and clear communication. If this is true, then why is a lack of communication one of the top reasons for dysfunction in every type of team situation you can think of?

What If

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There are some things that are universally true. These are best practices and easily proven methods that everyone knows are the correct way to go. What if they are wrong? What if what I believe about limits and work ethic can be challenged? What if all my success came despite the sentiments I hold so dear? What

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Pick Well

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Every great team has done a great job recruiting. Picking the right people gives the team a huge advantage. Obviously talent and work ethic should be considered as top attributes for a potential candidate. Emotional health and maturity should also be at the top of the list of why someone would be a good fit. Good personnel

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Gratitude and Attitude

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Great teams understand that hard work and effort can be a grind. It can get boring and exhausting. It can take away our free time and our family time. There are a lot of things that I have to do in my day as an adult but I have learned that most of those “have to” tasks

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Why are we here?

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Why does team exist? Does it exist so that everyone agrees? Does it exist so that everyone feels good about the task at hand? Does it exist for everyone to have fun and get along? No. The team exists to accomplish something more than anyone could on their own. So let’s close the conversations that center around

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Leading Past the Obstacles

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Leaders must lead people past obstacles like hurt feelings, fear, and an affection for the status quo. Leaders who struggle with being the bad guy or asking too much of people are not likely leading. They are really just the team manager of ego and sentiment. Leaders should consider that there will come a day when they

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No Apology

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Teams that embrace a culture of high challenge achieve more than those that apologize for hurt feelings or big asks. If a leader has to walk on eggshells to get people to consider doing more, then the leader has recruited poorly. Teams that embrace a challenge can only do so under two conditions. The leader must be

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Fear Driven

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Fear is an important emotion that keeps us safe. People that are motivated by fear make decisions that are less risky. It is good to identify the people on the team that are driven by fear. They will put the brakes on overly risky ideas and help the team count the cost. However, fear has its time

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Team decisions are difficult to make because every group of individuals comes with diverse backgrounds and diverse experiences that cause  diverse pathways to making decisions. Understanding the cause of the way others think can help gain a perspective outside of the usual way we arrive at decisions. What seems obvious for someone may not be so obvious

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Lazy Inspiration

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One bad experience with a customer doesn’t define the experience of everyone else. The lazy leader may see one bad experience or report as confirmation of what he already believes and use the singular story to change everything he doesn’t like. Positive change doesn’t require a catastrophe to justify it. It does take the hard work to

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