Same Piece of Gum

Dan Pierce/ November 18, 2017/ Managing Change/ 0 comments

What was successful and good in the past will not always be successful and good in the future. Everything has a half-life…our systems, our relationships, and our favorite things. We must let go of everything at some point so that we can renew and refresh that which has lost its flavor over time. Yes that piece of gum hit

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Firing Your Best Friend

Dan Pierce/ November 17, 2017/ Managing Change/ 0 comments

You don’t invite your teddy bear to be the best man in your wedding. That might seem like a no-brainer but those natural steps in life often get lost on what we do everyday. Change is good when it’s appropriate. What was awesome at the age of four is less awesome at the age of twenty-four. In fact, without

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Meeting Just to Meet

Dan Pierce/ November 16, 2017/ Community/ 0 comments

I am convinced that teams that pride themselves on not having meetings just to have them do not experience life-giving community within themselves. Their team comes together to merely accomplish a task and not to be a community in and of themselves. Compartmentalizing community away from our purposeful teams leaves people uninspired and unchanged.

More to the Story

Dan Pierce/ November 15, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate, Team Dynamics/ 0 comments

Team dynamics are complex. This means that there needs to be effort in analyzing a lack of competence or performance. Teams should ask some questions before labeling someone an underperformer on the team. Is the cause for the underperformance really just the individual’s lack of competence? Since everyone on the team relies on someone else, it is possible that

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Training Wheels

Dan Pierce/ November 14, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate/ 1 comments

Great teammates do not need to be reminded about something. They own information when they receive it and mark their calendars and to-do lists accordingly. Teammates that drop the ball and blame the lack of a reminder need to learn the expectation of a professional or, at the very least, a responsible teammate. It wastes a tremendous amount of

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When to Let Go

Dan Pierce/ November 13, 2017/ Winning/ 0 comments

Not every team wants to win. Most want to look like they are winning while doing whatever they want to do in the process. The winning formula requires people to give up themselves in that process. This is very difficult to do and that is why winning is rare. When a team sets out to do things

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The Separator

Dan Pierce/ November 12, 2017/ Compromise/ 0 comments

Patience is a separator. It separates the person that is unwilling to win and the person who is willing to do anything to achieve their goals. A lack of patience is why people take shortcuts. Be it steroids, theft, speeding, or other damaging compromises, it all leads to a lack of patience. If you find yourself always

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The Bitter Ingredient of Change

Dan Pierce/ November 11, 2017/ Managing Change/ 0 comments

Quick change that costs nothing usually doesn’t last because it has no emotional investment. The gravity of an organization’s status quo eliminates the opposing force of quick changes or band-aid fixes. Lasting change requires time. Time requires patience. 

Correct Belonging

Dan Pierce/ November 10, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate, Choosing to Belong/ 0 comments

Great teammates understand that they need the team, the team does not need them. They know that their individual effort cannot scale past what their participation on the team can accomplish. They know that they are replaceable and therefore expendable. Ordinary teammates get this the wrong way around. They tend to centralize everything around themselves, thinking, “What would happen if

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Lying and Thieving

Dan Pierce/ November 9, 2017/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

I am a liar and a thief when I tell a teammate that everything is okay when it isn’t. The lie is usually “innocent” because I am likely trying to spare feelings or not make something a big deal. When I am not candid (liar), I rob others (thief) of the opportunity to apologize in the moment. This

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