Circles and Cycles

Dan Pierce/ June 22, 2018/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

Every team goes through cycles of planning, implementation, evaluation, recovery, and then more of the same. When life begins to become predictable, it becomes safe. When safety is optimized, comfort begins to become a priority. It’s the leader’s job to inspire the team to move past familiar cycles so that its purpose doesn’t lapse into the preservation

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Assuming Priorities

Dan Pierce/ June 21, 2018/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

It says a lot about a person’s view of leadership when they assume or expect that the leader will make the “safe” decision. It is the leader’s job to create just enough safety to allow people to maintain some confidence about the future. However, the need to protect safety at all costs is what separates the leader

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The Safe Assumption

Dan Pierce/ June 20, 2018/ Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Choosing a path forward that isn’t the safest path can be met with resistance. This is to be expected but I am often surprised that bold courageous decisions are often met with the assumption that the decision maker didn’t think things through. I suppose it is normal to assume that if someone would just think things through,

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Choosing Change

Dan Pierce/ June 19, 2018/ Managing Change/ 0 comments

When adding a teammate, it is important to understand the impact of who you choose. If we stay away from the safe pick, we have to make sure the risks involved with the impact of the new addition are worth the ripple it will cause in the team dynamic. Going after a change agent comes with all

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The Safe Pick

Dan Pierce/ June 18, 2018/ Managing Change, Team Dynamics, Teambuilding/ 0 comments

Not all of us get to pick our teammates but when you do, it’s important not to fall into the trap of choosing the safe pick. The safe pick is the easy way out because you get the short-term benefit of the excitement of new without too much disruption to the status quo. The reality is that

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Heavy Gravity Days

Dan Pierce/ June 17, 2018/ Discipline/ 0 comments

Although I know that it is scientifically unlikely, the weights at the gym feel heavier on some days than others. My dad used to call these heavy gravity days. I have found that they don’t just happen at the gym. There are days that require extra effort to do what was easily done in another season. You

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Dan Pierce/ June 16, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate/ 0 comments

My discipline is best measured by how well I accomplish the tasks that I don’t like. Anyone can knock the fun or easy things off the to-do list. It takes intention and extra effort to do what I hate with a smile and with excellence. This is part of being a great teammate. Doing the job well,

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The Slow Start

Dan Pierce/ June 15, 2018/ Inspiring Your Team/ 0 comments

I have found that the energy at the start of something is important. Good starts are important because falling behind can be so discouraging. It’s not that catching up is impossible but that it takes so much extra effort, intention, and discipline to stay motivated through the uphill battle that follows the slow start.

Complacency: The Beginning of the End

Dan Pierce/ June 14, 2018/ Compromise, Discipline/ 0 comments

Every great team stays great through the anticipation of required growth and adjustment. Even a perfect season warrants a look at what it will take to continue on a successful path. Complacency is the state of mind that if it isn’t broke (or broke enough), why fix it? This state of mind can also be described as

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An Experiment in Entropy

Dan Pierce/ June 13, 2018/ Being a Great Teammate, Discipline/ 0 comments

Things never accidentally improve. Entropy is a law of the universe and ensures that extra energy and intention is required to reverse the natural deterioration of things. Is this a fancy scientific analogy? Yes. However, I dare you to experiment with leaving things to chance versus intentional effort to move something towards a better outcome and see

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